18 February, 2009

Do you love vintage images?

I wanted to post a quick note, to let you know about some of my favorite web sites, that share free vintage images to use for whatever you want. The first is Vintagerio, which has many cool images, Victorian, and what not. Look for the free section in that one. The second is The Vintage Moth (Love this One). It has so many Old fashion and vintage images, all free. The third is Art-E-Zine, which has really old style vintage images, though not as many. I have used all three of these websites to pull images for my paper collaging, and journals. I'll post pics of those soon.

Love this darling Easter bunny. He'd look cute on the front of an old paper mache type box, with lots of old ribbon entwined through out.

Aren't these too cute? I love these labels, you can size them, to fit your particular bottles. Have fun searching, and finding just the right one, for your projects!

Also, I wanted to tell you about a blogger I love, Joy over at Cupids Charm. She recently did a post about quotes, also. She has a great love for quotes also, and shared a post about happiness. She gave me permission to post one of her quotes.
Thanks, Joy, for cheering up my day! And today, make up your mind to be happy, no matter what.


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