20 August, 2009

Can this cabinet be saved?

Today I have a confession to make.
Almost 7 years ago, I wallpapered my soon to be born daughter's room. It turned out lovely.
Note: Don't wallpaper a room with your husband unless you REALLY love him, otherwise you may be headed for divorce court.
Back to the subject... Well, the confession is, I never returned the large wallpaper sample book I borrowed.
Yikes, I know!
It has been sitting under our couch for about that time span, and gets pulled out occasionally, and then put back under, due to guilt.
But now I think, heck, it's been SEVEN years since I borrowed it. Do you really think they're going to want it back, let alone that the samples are now obsolete?

Time for a project!

I decided my bathroom cabinet could stand to be cleaned out, so here's what I did.
I went through and pulled out everything, and yuck, I guess I don't clean in there enough, cuz I was grossed out!

I then went through the wallpaper book, and here's the trick: depending on the size of what you're covering, you may need to piece the samples together, and you definitely need two of the same pattern to make it work. I didn't end up having a lot of that, so I had to improvise.
There are some great patterns in this book.
Makes me itch a little to wallpaper something in my house!
Look at some of the fun ones:

Love this one for the laundry room!
So I basically went through the book, and tried to find more than one sheet of the ones I thought would work in my small cabinet.
Alot of the patterns in the book were large, or not the right colors for my bathroom, so I picked something neutral for the project.
I took an exacto knife, and carefully removed the sheets I chose from the book.
Then I fit them in, and cut them to size, again with the exacto knife. These samples were not pre-glued on the back, like regular wallpaper would be, so in my hurry to get it done, ( I am an instant gratification kind of girl) I used tacky glue to adhere them to the bottom and facing side of the inside cabinet. It worked, but I think next time I would use spray adhesive to get a good stick. The tacky glue made it bubble a bit here and there.
'Oh well, no project truly is perfect, is it?

The back has a wider stripe, and the bottom has a narrower, darker one.

A view of the second shelf

So nice and clean! I didn't have enough of one pattern that was the right color to do the back of the second shelf, so I left it as is.
I'm looking for ideas to use the rest of the book with, so leave me a comment if you have any bright ones!


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