16 June, 2009

Have a seat!

I'm participating in Metamorphisis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. Go on over and check it out!

I neglected to share with you my one find from Saturday's dismal yard sale day.
I took Macie to her swim class, and although the sun actually made an appearance through the clouds, the wind was cold, and seriously at hurricane level the whole time.
On the way home we decided to stop at a few yard sales, and just weren't seeing anything. We stopped at one, and it was a lady I knew from church. She had a little old wood bench sitting out on the driveway, marked $5. I asked if she would go less, and she said "How about 3?"
Cool, I'll recover it and repaint the bottom, and it'll be cute. Who knows where I'll put it, but I'm a sucker for old furniture with potential!
So I look closer, and it's kinda wobbly, and coming apart in one area, so she says, "Oh, you can just have it!"
Here are the before pics:
Yike- ees, I know! That orange red has GOT to GO!

So I take off the tacs, and pull up the old material, to reveal yucky foam padding on top of a top that is flat, and it looks like it originally was a small old childrens table. It had been patched with a piece of tin, and large head nails. I can see why it was covered the way it was, now. Interesting.
Not originally a bench at all, but someone had repurposed it into something else. Gotta love e'm.
I of course, painted it black, but let some of the red peep through here and there.
Oh, and if you're looking for the perfect black paint, Glidden makes a perfect one. I didn't see a black on any of the swatch samples, so I asked the guy at HomeDepot, and he said, "Oh ya, Glidden had a nice true black that I'll mix for you."

Does the top material look familiar? It's the leftover fabric from my curtain project. To see it, go here. I then finished it off with moss green ribbon trim, and used the original upholstery tacs to adhere it again.
I decided to place it below my Longerberger shelf I redid, along with the baskets with all of Macie's shoes by our back door, so she had a little place to sit where she could take off and put on her shoes.
Have you ever seen so many shoes for one little girl?
Yet, she'll ONLY wear her Crocs. Go figure!
Sorry I didn't have time to post also about my lamp shade tutorial, but I'll get to that on Thursday.


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