25 February, 2010

Are you broken?

Mornin, ya'll. Snow in the forecast today again. Overcast, grey, and chilly. I am soo ready for spring! I want to work the earth, plant some colorful flowers, and hang out on the glider out back, watching the birds splash in the water. {sigh}.
I've been thinkin' about life lately, and why sometimes it can be so hard. I know nothing is ever easy, but I think sometimes trial come in cycles, where there are just several things that just really kick you down.
I know my Heavenly Father loves me, and I am his daughter. I know that trials and adversity make me stronger. I know prayer brings peace and answers. I know sometimes, you just have to hang on and weather the storm!
I found this video on Youtube and wanted to share. Hopefully it will uplift you if you are feeling broken....


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