02 March, 2010

Memories of a printers drawer

This is a printers drawer that hold special memories. It was my mom's, and my dad gave it to me when she passed away about 18 months ago. She loves to collect little things from all over, and place them in here to look at.

Yikes, how a camera flash shows the dust. I am mortified (But not enought to actually dust every little piece before I take any pics, he he)

So cute!

Love the little jointed dolly on the left, and the old medicine tin. A "pleasant and effective laxative?

The little ceramic chef is one of my favorites. Next to him is an old metal jack, and a pair of old earrings.
More dust, an actual printing stamp of a man's face, and other small trinkets. See the old watch face?

The metal disk below was one of those trinkets you get out of a machine at the fair. You type in what you want, and the machine stamps it out on the disk. It reads- "Pat, Beulah, Cherie, I love you." Pat was my mom, and those were her two best friends. I'm guessing she made this when she was about 14.

So fun to see these things from her past. A few things in there were mine, and she saved them, which is fun to remember, too.
Well, I better get busy dusting out this shelf. I don't do it often, because it takes so long to take all the little things out, and dust before putting them all back in.
Next time I'll share the printers drawer I have of my own, that my parents bought for me when I was a teenager.


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