02 April, 2009

I'm working on it!

Yes, I'm still working on organizing my paper clutter! I've gathered it from the four corners of the earth kitchen, and put it all on the kitchen table to go through.
The hardest part is finding a place for everything, and then having a system in place for keeping it off the table, the microwave, and two other hot spots in my kitchen.
I've also been painting my little laundry closet, and we're going to hang the cabinets we bought off Craigs List, and maybe a cute sign to spruce it up. I'll post pics of the "underwhelming" afters, when we get it done.
It was also a day to clean the bathroom, do lots of laundry, and get several bags ready for an upcoming fundraiser yard sale for our church group. Whew!
Wish me luck on the ongoing battle of paper clutter, and if you've devised a way to keep yours under control, let me know!

Quote for the day:

In April, all over America, the doors fly open, fresh air permeates & the spring cleaning ritual begins. Storm windows come down, blankets & pillows flap from clotheslines (among crowds of daffodils) & dust bunnies are evacuated to the great outdoors to be recycled by home-minded songbirds. The breeze through the open windows carries the fresh smell of the blooming earth.

~ Susan Branch

Happy spring!


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