01 March, 2009

For the love of a journal

As promised, I am posting pictures of my altered journal projects. These are so special, and truly one of a kind. The story behind these as is follows:

There is this incredible antique market that runs every summer, here in Colorado. It's called A Paris Street Market, and it's the first Saturday of every month, May thru October. I was wandering the stalls, and walked towards the back of one that really didn't look very promising. You know, the ones that just look like just a bunch of junk.

I spotted a table full of albums, and alot of scattered maps and paper, just a mess. But what I picked up was gold! These albums were full of the most amazing vintage paper ephemera, a recently love of mine. I had been wanting some, to start making journals and other things. I had been inspired by the book by Anna Corba, Vintage Paper crafts.

I haggled with the seller, and ending up buying three full albums, one of which was filled with about 50 old postcards, from the very early 1900's. The other two had old tickets, travel labels, and seriously like every bit of paper ephemera you could think of! All very old, from early to about 1950's. I was in heaven, as I love to look at things like this, and wonder who owned these things, and what were they like.

Below are some of the journals I covered, using pages from old children's books on the front of a composition notebook. On the inside and backside covers, I used pages from a french manual, and decoupaged labels and other bits on from the albums I found. Then I made bookmarks from fatter ribbon, attaching old buttons on the top, or I used old playing cards or other things from the albums as a bookmark.

I didn't get to take pictures of the insides, because they were at a boutique night, and they were already sold, so I quickly remembered to take pics of just the outside, before she came back to collect them.

These turned out so cute, and when you spend so much time creating something, it's hard to sell! These were all one of a kind, with original pages and other paper pieces, and I really wanted them to be that way. I could've photo copied them, to use again and again, but I really like the charm and character, that they truly are a one of a kind piece.

These were a smaller version with spiral sides. From a 1930's primer.
I just free-handed a dress shape for this one, and stamped on it, adding buttons under the black bow.
I did photo copy and reduce the size of the cover of this sheet music, to decoupage on the cover of this one.

Love this one, from an old Bible stories book from the 1940's.

I've found that when I use decoupage glue to attach these, they warp pretty bad, no matter how careful I am, so I use a glue stick, and cover the back thoroughly, then lay it on the cover, and smooth it firmly.

I also stamped little words here and there, and glued vintage buttons on to add some bling.

You can be as creative as you'd like on the inside, depending on theme. I own so many old books, from dictionaries, to books written in french, and I especially love old children's book, because they have fabulous illustrations in them. Also, antique pictures are darling on the cover, or inside as well.

Start scouring your local thrift stores for cheap old books to use, to make your own vintage inspired journals, then hit the flea and antique markets this summer, you never know what you may find!

I also look for old buttons, ribbons, and trims. Pick up bits of old jewelry, even if it's broken. You can take it apart, and use the jewels or pearls to add to your project.

Please feel free to email me, if you need help, or have questions.

Have a journal inspired day!


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