25 July, 2009

I'll be back, countdown to school

I intend to post again. Really.
Summer had gotten the best of me, and we've had so much fun! Besides our trip to Durango, we have gone to the pool, the water park, the spray park, two museums, the movies, shopping, and various assorted other fun things. We've only had 5 weeks of summer, due to my daughter being in year round school, but none the less....
I am really ready for her to go back!
Don't get me wrong, there's a part of me that knows we've hit another milestone, and gone are the days of 1/2 day kindergarten, and messing around. I'll miss my little boo when she's in school all day, however....
I have a long list of projects to accomplish and share with you!
1. Paint the blue shelf for Macie's room I bought at a yard sale
2. Paint the bookshelf in our living room black
3. Clean out my file cabinet (luckily it's only two drawers!)
4. Catch up on my photo albums and organization
5. Paint the darling headboard I bought at a thrift store (again for Macie)
There seems to be alot of painting in my future!
6. Create some things so that I can actually open my Etsy shop. Journals, magnets, small wall hangings, tags, boxes, etc.
7. Start making freezer meals
8. Make some freezer jam with the frozen strawberries waiting in the freezer
9. Yard sale BY MY SELF on Fridays-- Yeah!
10. Blog more!
Yes, my sister friends, I will be back on the band wagon with many exciting projects, and recipes (look forward to a weekly segment featuring my most requested and loved recipes of all time).
Now let's just count down the days until next Tuesday, when I have two whole days a week to myself!


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