13 February, 2009

A tail waggin' full of Love!

I used to love Valentine's day as a young girl. The preparation of filling out the Valentines, sorting through, and picking the biggest and best ones out of the pack. One for the cutest boys, or the girls who were my favorite friends. So many politics, like how to sign them: Love, or Like? If you gave a big one to someone you liked, would they get the wrong impression? (How impressionable could you possibly be, at 8 years old?)
Back in the day (the 70's) you didn't have to be nice, and bring a Valentine for every boy and girl in class, you just brought to those you liked. I remember one year, coming home and counting the Valentines in my bag, measuring against how many were actually in our class. I wanted to know how many snubbed me, and then figure out in my mind who was mean enough to leave me out!
I hope this year, no one leaves you out, and if they do, tell them to go take a hike!

This Valentine is dear to my heart. My husband gave it to me several years ago, because he knew I collected vintage Valentines, so he went to a nearby antique store, and bought it for me. He surprised me with it on V day, with a sweet sentiment on the back.
Now, my husband is not romantic by any stretch, or really thoughful. Not in the way us girls THINK should be thoughtful. He has a hard time buying gifts, period, even when I post ideas all over the house! Just doesn't get it. But I'll tell you what really makes my heart pitter patter ( and when I say this, I know I've been married waaay too long), is when he empties the dishwasher, or takes bath duty everynight with our active 6 year old, or when he runs to the grocery store at 11 p.m. for Kleenex and cold medicine. Now THAT is love! I love you, Honey! Happy Valentine's day!

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