22 March, 2009

Please forgive me

Spice up your life Sunday
Yes, it's Spice up your life Sunday once again, and yes, it's been a week since my last post! I also must ask forgiveness for those of you reading, for I myself, did not even get around to taking last week's challenge! My week was so busy, and we've had record breaking warm temperature's here in Colorado, so I had to play a little outside!
You'll have to just enjoy a picture of the current arrangement on my kitchen table of my silk sunflowers!

The cute little bunny with his festive ribbon next to the flowers came home from the thrift store on Thursday with me. (Of course I had time to thrift shop!) I will get to your new challenge in a sec, but I thought I'd share a couple of other things I've repurposed and now enjoy in my house, as well. This small aluminum wear tray with scrolly handle I bought for 99 cents, and now holds my napkins at the kitchen table. Cute, Eh?

I copied this idea below from the blog the happy homebody. If you haven't yet checked out this adorable blog, go one over and tell her I sent ya. She has darling home decorating ideas. This was my version of the hanging pitcher. I already had the pitcher and flowers, and I scored the hook at you know where, and spray painted it black to match my kitchen decor. The rooster tray above it I bought just this week at Ross on clearance for $2.99! Super cool!

I love this cute little silver creamer. It is now used to hold the very necessary dixie cups we use everyday in the bathroom. Adds a cottage look for very little money.

The next several pics are of an old paper cigar box someone gave me at a yard sale for FREE last summer. It was just waiting for the perfect redo, so here's what I did:
I measured the box, and when I say measured, I mean loosely (I suck at numbers!) Then I used two coordinating scrapbook papers to cover the sides and the inside lid. For the top I used a graphic from a book I love by Memories of a Lifetime, called Florals and Nature. It comes with a CD of all the vintage images, and you can print whatever you want right away. The quality of these images is unbelievable, and I love old images!

I added some gold trim around the entire edge with tacky glue, and then finished it off in the front with an old clip in earring. I stamped the word "trims" with yes, my mini alphabet stamp set.
On the inside, you can see all of my darling trim that I have found at various thrift stores, all neatly tucked in.
Here's a view of the inside lid, where I glued an original library pocket, then stamped it with an image of a vintage key, and added a butterfly sticker. Tucked in the pocket is a scrap of paper my 5 year old doodled on, practicing writing her name over and over: Macie Macie Macie Macie. So cute!
Hope I gave you some great ideas for treasures to look for when you're out thrifting!

O.K., so I didn't get to the florists this week to pick up some fresh flowers to fill my home with cheer. If you're just joining us for Spice up your life Sunday, you can go and get some flowers for yourself this week, and take me up on this week challenge, which is....

Go to your local library sometime this week, and I want you to check out a totally different book than you normaly would. Sounds easy, right? Well, maybe, but there is a world of books out there that are so out of my realm, that I never even knew existed. If you haven't been to the library in eons, it's time to head on over and see what you're missing!

Don't make a safe choice as you browse, but do look for something that peaks your interest. You might not normally glance twice at something, if you had to buy it, but just remember, your borrowing it.

At the library, it's cake! It's not like you're wasting money on something you're just borrowing . No harm done if it sucks! Think outside the box and start on a journey to try something new this week. Maybe a how-to book, or a biography, or a self-help. (I like those, cuz I need a lot of help!)

I want comments, comments, comment! I want to know WHAT you checked out, and HOW it went. I will be updating you this week, too, on my flower purchase, AND my book choice.

Good luck, and Happy Sunday!

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Tracey said...

I love all those wonderful trims, and the box is so cute!


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