04 April, 2009

Projects in the works

Well, I'm still waiting for my laundry area to be complete! My husband needs to enlist the help of a friend, to help hang the cabinets above the washer and dryer, so seriously, who KNOWS when that will happen!

I did drag him to Home Depot this afternoon, however, to get a few small things. I picked out 4 knobs to spruce up the cabinets, a cute pull chain for the lightbulb, a clip on lamp shade to cover one and same bare hanging bulb over the W/D. Yes, you can buy a clip on to dress it up. Cool huh?

All of these items had their own shade of metal, from ugly gold to silver, to a fake aged bronze. I saw on someone else's blog, about this Spray paint by Rustoleum called Oil rubbed Bronze.

Here are the pieces, waiting for their friend, Mr. Spray paint.

Here is a before and after of two tall standing lamps I've had for years, that were that bright gold. Cool back in the day, but not now! Yuck....

Awesome with their new coat of Oil rubbed bronze!

I will be spray painting the knobs, finial for the clip on, and the pull chain, which will spruce up the laundry area greatly!

Also, I saw my friend at the salon I work at using this cool stick on "tile" which is actually vinyl tile. You seriously just peel the back off and stick down! We will be installing this on our cement laundry floor, under the W/D, to make it look finished.

We picked a very neutral color called Mojave White (mainly cause it was one of the cheapest!) The whole box, which will cover a 12x 12 area cost $28! Super cool!

When we get it done, I'll post some pics!

I also finally completed my Spice up your Life Sunday challenge to pick out some flowers for myself. If you haven't participated, read about it here.

I was soo wanting to get tulips, my favorite, but I broke the mold and got a Freesia plant, which has beautiful blooms, and can be planted in my garden as soon as it warms up here in Colorado. I just has to take a pic of it in front of my patio door, showing the snow that has returned again today!

I also completed cleaning out all of my paper clutter, and although I don't have a large space, I have conquered it for now!

All incoming mail goes into the brown basket, instead of getting dumped on the kitchen table.

The black and white caddy next to it I made at a class at Archivers. We painted a plain brown caddy with cream paint, then covered it with cute patterned scrapbook paper. Then we designated each cubbie for certain things, like bills, notes, pens, receipts, etc. It has cute areas on the front to add pictures.

This is a cute pocket to hold receipts, which fits into the caddy.

If you are very crafty, you can probably do this yourself, to create something similar!

I was unable to creat a framed board for clipping notes, etc, to, because I didn't have the wall space in my kitchen to hang one, darn it!

Also, stay tuned for a super cute idea for kitchen decor using these below:

Have a crafty Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog!!! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the old silverware. Tim and I have collected many, many cases of silverware and unusual pieces over the years. I love the beautiful and intricate designs on the handles and can't resist adding new pieces when we go to the antique stores.

Aunt Louise


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