09 April, 2009

Thrift store Thursday

No, I'm not starting another weekly tradition (I don't think) but it's pretty catchy, don'tcha think? I went thrift hunting, it's Thursday.... you do the math!

I thought I'd share pics of the cute things I found today. Someone commented to me that I needed to go down to Lakewood and check out Mile High thrift, which I did today. I also stopped at Savers, too, cause it was about 4 minutes from there.

Here's what I found:

A yummy decorating book by Jo Packham. If you've never seen her stuff, you just gotta! Price: $2.99

Love this layout, with the bird's nest pillow and the bird bath statue in front of the plants.
Nice mantle layouts.

I'm a sucker for holiday items. I already have too much Christmas stuff, so I need to step away from accumulating more! This is a cute quilted table runner (folded in half) and a Hallmark Christmas CD featuring Amy Grant. Price: Runner,$ 2.99, CD $1.99.

A silver tray, price tag visible so you can be jealous, that I'll use somewhere, just had to have it!
Price: $ 2.95

Lots more trim, I just couldn't resist, because there were colors I don't yet have. Price :$1.99 for all!

A wooden shelf with peg hooks. This will get a makeover, which I'll be sharing this weekend, so stay tuned! Price: $3.95
Cute vintage style glass jar. This will hold my cotton pads in the bathroom. Price: $1.95
A super cute silk belt, the flowers are more of a watermelon pink that orangey like the pic looks. Price: $.95
Little china man planter. This will be made over into a pin cushion, and put in my soon to be Etsy shop! Price: $1.95

Nice large basket, my current plan is to corral my daughter's many stuffed animals, to keep them off of my family room floor! Price: $5.95

Vintage style heavy glass green bottle. I didn't need this at all, but it was only.... .95 cents!

Awesome white glass compote. I've wanted one of these for awhile. I think I'll use it in the bedroom or eventually the bathroom. Any great decorating ideas for this one? Let me know!

Love the detail on the stem! Price: $5.95

I had fun searching for treasures today, but the funnest is bringing it home and decorating my nest with the perfect new touches! Happy thrifting, friends!

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