28 June, 2009

Where has my yard sale mojo gone?

Yep, that's right. I've been searching for my yard sale Mojo all summer.
Maybe it's 'cause the season started out to cold and wet. Maybe it's 'cause I really haven't found the mother load of garage sales yet, and nothing to really get my blood flowing.
Yes, I've found small things here and there, but nothing of epic proportion.
However, instead of just giving up (Hey, I'm no quitter), I drag myself out of bed super early, get cleaned up, and hit the road first thing so I can hit alot of sales, before I have to be to work at 11.
I'm linking up with Southern Hospitality for her Thrifty Treasures party to share my finds this week, and a couple from last week. Go check out everyone's finds!
I found these heavy wrought iron shelf brackets at the first sale I stopped at, for a buck a piece. I don't know for sure how I'll use them, but hey, for that price, I'll figure it out.

The little wire trash can was only 50 cents. Cute for under our computer table.

On our way home from my daughter's swim class, I turn onto our street, and I see a yard sale sign pointing up to the top of our street. Hmmm, so close to home, might as well swing by real quick. I saw this bird cage, which I've been searching for, so that we can get a pair of zebra finches.
I'm way too cheap to spend $50 on a cage at the pet store, so I've been hunting for one.
How much did I pay for it???
It was FREE!
The guy said 5 bucks, and I'm thinking Super, but I put it back down to go look at the stuff on the grass, and then he said, "You can just take it".
Really? Allrighty then!
I also grabbed this old book, which I'd guess is from the 1920's.

The cover was missing, so they sold it to me for 50 cents. The pictures are to die for, and I'll create many cute projects with the pics inside.

Then I saw this computer chair. We've been using an oak mission style antique chair, which is nice to look at, but uncomfortable as heck, with no arms, and a hard seat.Yuck, ignore my messy computer desk, it is a WRECK!
I asked the guy again how much, and he said $5. Right on!
I sent my husband back up to get it in our other car.
OK, so I did get some cool bargains, didn't I?
Last week I found this blue shelf for Macie's room, which I'll paint either light green, or bubblegum pink. $3.

One out of the way sale I stopped at, which I'm glad I did, yielded a couple of sets of cute vintage pictures.
These are in the original frame with paper backing, and are really old. I seriously paid 75 cents a piece for these! They are hanging above my Stickley table that I DIDN'T paint black.
This set the lady said was in her bedroom when she was a child, and her sibling's rooms before that. I love them, don't you? I think I'll take them out of the icky frames they're in, and reframe with mats and hang them in my daughter's room. 50 cents for both. Oh yah!
I had also found a beautiful ceramic oval bowl at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $5 (It had the original TJ Maxx price tag on it of 24.99). It really needed something inside it. At the same sale I found the pictures at, I found packages of these wooden carved balls and natural elements for 50 cents. Perfect.
I created a little vignette with candles and my birdcage I found at a consignment store. What do you think? Does it need something more? It's placed up high, on top of a bookcase, so I really couldn't hang a picture behind it.

Oh, and my in-laws also gave me a large bird feeder, which I hung yesterday. I had a mommy chickadee visiting this morning, and she brought her three babies with her. Oh my gosh, they were so cute, splashing in the bath and chattering all morning in the trees.
OK, so whatever! I did OK this last week, but I still feel like something's missing. What is it? I don't know. I'll let you know when I find it.


Kammy said...

See, only one sale and you got your MOJO back ! Yeah !!
I seriously love that old book - the pictures are to die for !
Hugs ~ Kammy

~~Carol~~ said...

Great score on the free birdcage! I've had a few pairs of zebra finches, and I really miss having them. No more until our cat goes to the great kitty heaven in the sky--it's just too much temptation! I love that wire wastebasket, and that book has such wonderful illustrations!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Your mojo made up for lost time! Your got so many fabulous finds! I especially love the illustrations in that book! The wall art is lovely and I love the wire basket!

Thanks for sharing!


Carmen said...

I love everything you found! Especially the vintage art. I love when I find things like that. :) The book is wonderful too.

Sarah Robbins said...

I'm just dying to find a birdcage, I am so jealous of your's! The brackets and books were an awesome find, too!

Susie Q said...

Great finds and thank you for NOT painting the Stickly table...I would have cried. Really. Tears.

abeachcottage said...

well looks like it's back!

happy treasure hunting!


prof en retraite said...

OOOH! I so love the old book! What darling pictures! The little girls with the hats would be framed and on the wall in no time flat...gorgeous!! Have a great week!...Debbie

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Susan, I think you got some great finds! Those iron brackets could be used in the corners of a doorway, that would look great. Like, I have some corbels in the corners of my diningroom, to add architectural interest to a spot.

Love all of your finds & your vignette looks very cute!

Tracey said...

we love our zebra finches...they make us laugh and the dogs love to sit and watch them hop from perch to perch! Great finds, I love the wastebasket...too cute.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

You found some great buys

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

I love all of your finds! That shelf will be so cute painted for your daughters room!

Courtney said...

Well-you found some great stuff! I like the old pictures and the old book. I love wrought iron-I'm sure you'll come up with something nice to do with it.

Christina said...

The pictures and the illustrations are just wonderful. Those by themselves would make my day.

I also love the little trash can and you can't beat free on the bird cage.

Helen Joy said...

Wow! You got some awesome stuff! The computer chair was a steal! I love the brackets and the nature balls. most of all I love those beautiful old pictures.

prashant said...

I really miss having them.

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