21 April, 2009

Antique silverware project

Finally! Here is my silverware project I promised so long ago!

This is very simple, but first I must give credit for the idea to Rechelle at Walnuthaven Cottage for this fabulous idea. Go check out her version of framed silverware, and then hop on over to cherrysjubilee. She did domething similar, but with old child's school scissors. Love them both!

I rounded up my old antique silverware pieces, then went on the hunt at Goodwill for 2 matching frames. Here's what they looked like before:

Yikes! I know!
Pick a favorite scrapbook paper, preferrably with a smaller print, so it won't compete with the patterns in the silverware. Attach to the back of the frame, and reinsert into frame, securing with staples.
Play with the positioning of the silverware, until it looks right, then hot glue your pieces to your scrapbook backing. Hot glue will not ruin your pieces, and will come off when you want to repurpose them.
That's it! Here's my version, below.

Sorry for the yellow cast, I think that's my flash

A very simple redo, and the frames were 1.99 a piece, and I already had the silverware. If you don't have any, search at thrift stores and yard sales, or see if an antique store has odd mismatched pieces they'll sell for cheap.
Happy hunting!


Tracey said...

Very cool idea! I love old pieces of silverware, especially ones that you might not know exactly what purpose they "serve". :)

My Mom has a closet full of silverware..maybe I can sneak on over!

Chari said...

Hi Susan...

Yes!!! I just love this idea!!! What a great way to display some pretty pieces of silver! Love how this looks...awesome idea, my friend! I'd love to give this a try!

Warmest wishes,

Ryan Harma said...

This came out really cute, loved what you did with the frames, Mary


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