12 June, 2009

Stickley, anyone??

Hey ya'll. How was your yard saling adventures this morning?
Mine were nominal. For some reason, I was not in the mood to go. Blame it on Auntie "Flo" visiting this morning, and my usual weakness due to hormonal changes. I felt extra crabby, and not in the mood to browse or haggle.
There were three community sales in my area, but there was a lot of baby stuff and not much else.
I did grab this beautiful vintage end table. It's solid wood, and in perfect condition.
I asked the lady how much, and she said, "Oh, I don't know. It was my husband's mothers." (He looked to be in his mid 70's).
"Is $10 too much?"
Umm, NO!
Seeing as it has all the original labels inside the drawer, marking it as a piece of Stickley furniture!
My sister-in-law is an interior designer who works for Stickley, and their furniture is high end, nice stuff. I won't tell her I'm going to paint it black, and change out the drawer pull!
I love the thick wood turned legs on this!
How awesome is this going to be once I paint it black?
(Ignore the pink carpet in the picture. The former owners of our house were obviously very pink passionate people (ppp). The exterior of our house is also pink, Ukkk! ) Carpet shopping put us into sticker shock, so for now, we continue to live with it!
We've got swimming lessons tomorrow (if it ever stops raining), and maybe a few yard sales if I start feeling better. Have a super weekend, my friend!


Melissa Marie said...

$10?! You made out like a bandit! :)

ellen b said...

Well done! I hope you show us it in black when you're done :0)

foxxy said...

Most of the sales around here are also cluttered with baby stuff. I hardly ever find anything good in my town. I like your end table. I think black is a good choice.

The Tattered Cottage said...

Great buy! I think it will look beautiful black.

~~Carol~~ said...

Wow, what a steal on the Stickley! I totally sympathize with you on the pink carpet. When we moved in, there was pink carpeting in the living room and master bedroom. I had to live with that(blecckk!) for about 10 years, until I finally convinced hubby to pull it up and refinish the wood floors underneath. It's so beautiful, and he's happy he did it. Hang in there, and start saving your pennies!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Well dome. At some point pink seems to have been very, very popular. So was flocked wallpaper. we moved in a home that had either that or foil paper everywhere. What a lot of work to undo. Happy Thrifty Monday.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

$10? Yep! you did good.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Susan, what a great deal! I've never seen a piece of Stickley out there. Are you sure it's not valuable before you paint it?? Great find.

I had pink carpet in my old house & no one to blame but myself. :) I did get rid of it before I moved.

Kammy said...

Cool table with good bones - will be really cool updated !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I also love the turned legs! What a nice solid piece and for $10!!


Susie Q said...

OMG! DO NOT PAINT THAT PIECE OF STICKLEY FURNITURE! Take it to an antique dealer or check online before you do anything. With that authentication you can get a lot more than $10 for it...you can get enough to buy something else and paint it black.

Seriously, don't do it. My husband is a custom cabinet maker, and that is worth a good bit more than your $10.

Sue said...

I alsio would go online and check the value...if it is that old and a Stickly...you can buy a whole new set of black furniture I am sure if you sell it.
Dying to hear what you decide.
I will check and see if there is a new post...YIKES!


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